A born and raised New Yorker, Niyla Iman started her journey into makeup in her early 20s. Like a lot of women, Niyla was just looking for a little pick me up; a way to make her feel a little extra beautiful after becoming a mother. Maybe a little blush to compliment that baby glow! She would dibble and dabble in products but she had no idea that her common exploration with mascara, lipsticks and bronzer would accidentally expose her passion.


It wasn't until her late 20s where Niyla Iman discovered the depth of makeup and started to peel back its layers. She discovered that these same products that she had personally enjoyed so much were indeed a form of art mediums that were used to enhance and change the human canvas. It was then that Niyla started viewing makeup with an artistic eye. She would look at magazines admiring the makeup rather than the clothes and bags. She would study women in these magazines wondering why the Artist choose that shade of lipstick and how did they get their eye shadow to blend seamlessly. She found such amazement in the endless possibilities that these mediums could create: Niyla was in total awe!!!


Niyla Iman began to self-teach herself the proper way to apply makeup by studying countless amounts of makeup artistry books and videos. When she felt that she had maxed out with what she could learn on her own, Niyla decided to take professional courses of makeup to help sharpen her skill set. Although Niyla’s freelance career has lead her primarily to work beauty and runway makeup, she is intrigued and inspired by all genres of the field.

Niyla Iman is pleased to provide a service that can enhance the physical of an individual as well as the spirit. Whether she is working with a professional model in NYC or one of her personal clients for a wedding out on Long Island, Niyla firmly believes, "When you look good, you feel good!"